Purchase the EP from bandcamp with this and another lofi track called Lucky: Lofi Mix by Will Helliwell Managed to write one last track before the end of the year and before all my time is taken up learning how… Read More »Ramona


Finished writing a new track this morning. It’s inspired by “The Wolf” by Eddie Vedder from the Into The Wild soundtrack (an amazing movie if you haven’t seen it!). I really wanted to get that organ sound and ended up… Read More »Opening

039 | Interview with Elliot Callighan

On this episode, we talked to composer and sound designer, Elliot Callighan. He has recently worked on the the music for the new Trackmania game and is also the owner of Unlock Audio, a company who provide full audio support for game developers.

035 | Interview: Chris Jolley

Episode 35 of ComposerCast. This is an interview episode where I talk to the wonderful composer and sound designer, Chris Jolley, about his audio career in games.

033 | Amanita Music Part 2

This is part 2 of our talk about Amanita Design and the beautiful games they create. We go in-depth looking at the music and sound design of the Amanita worlds.