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Purchase the EP from bandcamp with this and another lofi track called Lucky:

Managed to write one last track before the end of the year and before all my time is taken up learning how to be a parent πŸ˜… I hope you enjoy the lofi vibe of this one.

I always seem to get stuck about half way into writing a track. To help me write the second half of this one, I changed up the chords and key and that allowed me to come up with the ideas needed to finish it off. I needed that second half to sound bigger too so I also switched on some reverb just for the drums. I had a play with Ovox by Waves and added a little bit of my own voice in towards the end. Not something I normally do. I say β€œWe are the universe experiencing itself. It’s using us to learn more about itself.” Cheesy but good fun 😁


  • The piano sound is a combination of The Gentleman piano in Kontakt mixed with a toy piano sound in Reason using the Radical Pianos instrument.
  • The drums were created all in Reason using a mix of sounds from different kits.
  • The “background melody” that kicks in at the same time as the drums is a patch from the awesome Europa instrument in Reason called Eighties Movie Polly. Europa is my favourite synth for those big 80s sounds.
  • The next instrument to come in is the bass. This is also done in Reason using the Monotone Bass Synthesizer instrument.
  • The quick little melody sound you hear next comes from Spitfire’s Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit instrument in Kontakt. It’s the perfect instrument for those delicate sounds and pads.
  • At the same time as that melody coming in, the electric guitar also comes in. I played my Fender Strat through BIAS FX 2 using a compressor, chorus, delay and reverb.
  • The breakdown in the middle of the track has some bird sounds in. I added a lot of reverb to them to make them sound dreamy and distant. I got the audio from Freesound (
  • To build the track up some more in the second half, I put reverb on the drums using a club preset in H-verb.
  • Violins and cello were added to fill out the sound some more in the second half. These were from Spitfire’s BBC Symphonic Orchestra.
  • Finally, I added a little bit of my own voice, run through Ovox by Waves Audio.

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