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I’m a composer living just outside London. I have a passion for music and video games and I love composing the music that brings those games to life.


This is a demo reel showcasing some of my work. I was lucky enough to have my music featured on DailyVee.


Ninja Couch Party

Here’s a quick video showcasing a game I did the music on, Ninja Couch Party. It’s a “Nidghogg-meets-Smash Brothers couch party game about fast ninjas and hilarious bloody deaths!” Try out Ninja Couch Party if you’d like to hear some of my music in a fun, local multiplayer, PC game.

The Culling

This is the music I created for the Home Of Nerds game jam earlier this year. The theme was “death is good”. Mow down mass waves of purples to gain points, loot, and a big bloody mess! Play our entry into a game jam and hear my music throughout. You can read more about my experience doing the jam over on the on the blog post.


Check out some upcoming events on the Game Industry Biz website.