My name is Will and I’m a composer living just outside London. I have a passion for music and video games and I love composing the music that brings those games to life.



Demo Reel

This is my demo reel showcasing some of my work. Track listing:

  • Super Gary – I was lucky enough to have my music featured on DailyVee.
  • Transit – original composition.
  • The Culling – created as part of a 3 day game jam.
  • Ninja Couch Party – written for my friend Brannan Vitek’s game.
  • Shields Of The Land – original composition.
  • Rain In New York – original composition.
  • Elise’s Theme – written for a video game pitch.
  • For The Shire – original composition.
  • Fight Your Own battles – original composition.

Check out more of my music on SoundCloud.


Ninja Couch Party

Here’s a quick video showcasing a game I did the music on, Ninja Couch Party. It’s a “Nidghogg-meets-Smash Brothers couch party game about fast ninjas and hilarious bloody deaths!” Try out Ninja Couch Party if you’d like to hear some of my music in a fun, local multiplayer, PC game.

Home Of Nerds Game Jam

This is the music I created for the Home Of Nerds game jam earlier this year. The theme was “death is good”. Mow down mass waves of purples to gain points, loot, and a big bloody mess! Play our entry into a game jam and hear my music throughout. You can read more about my experience doing the jam on Medium.


Check out some upcoming games industry events on the website.