037 | Celestial

Video Version Audio Version We’re still in lockdown so join us for another lockdown episode of ComposerCast where Lloyd and I chat about virtual reality inside virtual reality. On this episode we talk about our experience playing Skater XL, Windlands… Read More »037 | Celestial

035 | Interview: Chris Jolley

Episode 35 of ComposerCast. This is an interview episode where I talk to the wonderful composer and sound designer, Chris Jolley, about his audio career in games.

Underline Waltz Noir

This track is for a yet unreleased game. I borrowed elements from TV drama intro music and film noir soundtracks. Nearly all of the track was created using the new BBC Symphony Orchestra library. The percussion that you hear at… Read More »Underline Waltz Noir

034 | Bewitche(r)d

On this episode we talk about BlazeRush, a naughty goose and a witcher. Play Untitled Goose Game: https://goose.game/ Watch the naughty goose cause havoc on a computer screen: https://youtu.be/EQx6fyrZDWM Check out Bit Byte Bear; the wonderful guys who have supported… Read More »034 | Bewitche(r)d

033 | Amanita Music Part 2

This is part 2 of our talk about Amanita Design and the beautiful games they create. We go in-depth looking at the music and sound design of the Amanita worlds.