Finished writing a new track this morning. It’s inspired by “The Wolf” by Eddie Vedder from the Into The Wild soundtrack (an amazing movie if you haven’t seen it!).

I really wanted to get that organ sound and ended up using a layered synth in Reason with a Scream 4 Distortion added. I used Iris 2 by @izotopeinc for that “sparkly” sound. The guitar was tuned in open D and recorded through Bias FX 2 by @positivegrid. I’ll do a breakdown video of each instrument in the near future.

Keeping everything sparse and clear was a bit of a challenge. I added some orchestral strings near the beginning but they overpowered everything and just didn’t fit with the atmosphere.

For anyone who might be interested, the chords used in order were Gm, Bm, Gm, Bm, F, Eb.

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