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Disasterpeace Challenge 1 – Shootout

The challenge this week was set by Music Weeklies and run by Disasterpeace. We were challenged to extend our favourite video game soundtrack by writing at least 2 tracks that sound alike. So this is my go at extending the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack.

When I first wrote the track it started out sounding very medieval. I think it was partly the instrumentation and as soon as I swapped out the flutes for a horn section, it sounded a lot better. I kept the flutes in the intro though because I liked them 😁

The track really started coming together once I added the electric guitar. I used my telecaster in Open D tuning with it’s crazy gauge strings to give that big, open, Western sound. The solo towards the end of the track was done on my strat because bends are easier and it differentiates it from the rhythm on the tele. Both guitars were run through BIAS FX 2 with a LOT of spring reverb added.

I hope you enjoy the piece and I hope it makes you think of Red Dead Redemption 🙂

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