The world of video games is exciting and full of innovative music. Join Will Helliwell and Lloyd Tranter as they explore the phenomenon of games and music, from reviews and interviews to the history behind some of your favourite consoles. If you enjoy video games and their accompanying soundtracks, this is the podcast for you.

ComposerCast 021

ComposerCast 021 – Music And Sound In VR

Lloyd is now the official co-host of ComposerCast! We talk about music and sound in virtual reality including binaural audio recording techniques.Make sure you’re listening to this episode with headphones…
ComposerCast 020

ComposerCast 020 | Interview With Tony Manfredonia

[expand title=”Show Transcript”] 00:00 hello everyone and welcome to episode 20 00:02 of composer cast on this episode I chat 00:05 to the lovely Tony Manfredonia a 00:07 composer and…