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034 | Bewitche(r)d

On this episode we talk about BlazeRush, a naughty goose and a witcher. Play Untitled Goose Game: the naughty goose cause havoc on a computer screen: out Bit Byte Bear; the wonderful guys who have supported Will with the BBC Symphony Orchestra library: sure to follow Sam Whiting for some tasty guitar licks: like these sunglasses. They're not a sponsor but they're awesome: the sound of The Witcher 3 mini...

032 | Amanita Music Part 1

On this episode we talk about VR racing, the 10-year anniversary of Machinarium and give a shout-out to Music Weeklies. Join us next episode where we'll do a proper analysis of the music by Floex. Celebrate the 10-year anniversary and get yourself a DRM-free copy of the Machinarium Collector’s Edition on GOG.COM, which includes the soundtrack, artbook, wallpapers, and more. Listen to Floex on Spotify. Make some new music and join in with the weekly challenges on...

031 | Making Music With Code

On this episode we talk about how fun it is to drive a truck in VR, discuss the co-op madness of fighting goblins in Karnage Chronicles, correct past mistakes and have a look at learning to code with music. We end with a constructive deconstruction of some tracks from Undertale. Check out Sonic Pi at Listen to our slowly growing ComposerCast playlist on Spotify Dive deep into the music from the game Undertale with this Google doc -- ...

030 | Tree Stream

Show Notes

On this episode we try and make sense of all the game launchers that are out there competing with each other, we talk about the game From Other Suns and we breakdown some Minecraft music.