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028 | Interview: Composer Denovaire

Show NotesOur guest on this episode is Deno. He is a classical composer, producer, and artist whose compositions are performed by chamber ensembles and whose focus lies in dramatic symphonic music, industrial rock and electronica for computer games. We talk about his work, his life and his approach to writing music especially from the avant-garde perspective. You'll have the opportunity to listen to 9 pieces by Deno throughout the episode.You can find out more...

027 | Interview: Game Music Designer Matthew Walker

[expand title="Show Transcript"] 00:00 Hello welcome to episode 27 of ComposerCast 00:03 On this episode we do a really fun 00:06 interview with a composer and what did 00:09 what did he comes up labeled himself a 00:11 music design music designer yeah Matthew 00:14 Walker and he was a very very nice man 00:16 yeah lots and lots of interesting stuff 00:19 about how he goes about composing music 00:22 lots of we got a bit philosophical yeah 00:24 it was nice we turned into hippies for a 00:26 bit yeah it's good yeah we're...