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Meditation Music

I wrote this track with the idea of it being used as a meditation piece or something you’d playing while doing yoga.

I experimented with adding binaural beats to the track. Binaural beats are the result of playing slightly different tones to each ear. For this piece I used 161 Hz in the left ear and 166 Hz in the right for the most part. I chose those tones because they relate very nicely to the E and A chords I was playing on the synth. Some people believe that your brain “syncs” to the difference in the frequencies. In this instance that would be a 5 Hz difference. 5 Hz is in the Theta zone of brainwaves which is associated with REM sleep, deep relaxation, meditation and creativity.

This track was initially composed as separate stems and then each stem was imported into Elias Studio to create an ever-changing ambience.

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