Jumbo Big Band

Finished making this track in 36 degrees in the studio. Perfect track for a Summer vibe.

  • 0:00: This is The Gentleman piano with iZotope’s vinyl plugin on top
  • 0:09: My 70s Fender Jazz bass comes in, played through BIAS Amps
  • 0:16: Threw an eq sweep on the piano to give it some movement
  • 0:18: In comes the kick. It’s 2 kick samples layered and eq’d
  • 0:27: A sampled horn melody played in with Serato Sample
  • 0:36: Add some high hats to get the track moving along
  • 0:46: Breakdown with a different sample played in
  • 0:55: Let’s go big with our Mega Brass Kontakt instrument!
  • 1:13: Another breakdown with sax and trumpet
  • 1:31: And in comes everything before the end
  • 1:46: Piano riff from the start but with extra vinyl warp to finish