Underline Waltz Noir

This track is for a yet unreleased game. I borrowed elements from TV drama intro music and film noir soundtracks. Nearly all of the track was created using the new BBC Symphony Orchestra library. The percussion that you hear at… Read More »Underline Waltz Noir

Jumbo Big Band

Finished making this track in 36 degrees in the studio. Perfect track for a Summer vibe. 0:00: This is The Gentleman piano with iZotope’s vinyl plugin on top 0:09: My 70s Fender Jazz bass comes in, played through BIAS Amps… Read More »Jumbo Big Band

The Library

Written as a piece for a string quartet and piano, this track conjures up images of a dusty library full of ancient books.

Beautiful Dreamer

This is an old song by Stephen C. Foster that my grandparents like to sing together. They both enjoy classical music too so I made them an orchestral rendition of Beautiful Dreamer that they could listen and sing along with.

Aslan’s Theme

Who else grew up watching the BBC version of Narnia?–I recreated Aslan’s Theme from the opening and closing credits. It was a lot of trial and error and trying to make my sample libraries do the right thing but I… Read More »Aslan’s Theme


Finished writing my synthwave track today. Made a video showcasing all the synths and settings I used in Reason. Of course I had to add a VHS effect on top to give it that real 80s retro vibe.


I wrote some SEGA Mega Drive music using the Deflemask tracker. 32s long loop. I wrote this piece in preparation for the next podcast episode of ComposerCast. In the episode I’m editing at the moment, we talked a little bit… Read More »Castle


This is how the track would sound on the Gameboy, in stereo, with the sample channel removed. I think to be able to use a tracker successfully, you have to delve into the history of video game music and understand… Read More »Overview