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On this episode we try and make sense of all the game launchers that are out there competing with each other, we talk about the game From Other Suns and we breakdown some Minecraft music.

[expand title=”Show Transcript”] [00:00:00] Oh, geez, I’m hot already. I’m so sorry. Air conditioning isn’t a thing in our country. No. Oh, I don’t know why it would be a thing in our country because one day a year this happened. Yeah. And then and then that’s the day you go. Shall we take a trip to Waitrose and just wander round in their air conditioning near the fridges? So good.
[00:00:19] Oh, it is good. I just walk through town today, just walking through and I was like I’m gonna go to that shop. They look like they got, aircon, because they had the shopping centre was still a bit warm. It’s just glass. Yeah. Oh, what, Bracknell. No, no, Camberly, I don’t go to work today. Right. I’d already put the day off so I could prepare for the festival that’s going to tomorrow. Oh. So you got tomorrow off as well. Yeah. And Monday. Nice. Nice. But today I finished off the track. Yes. The what do they call it. I’ve forgotten what I called it now. The track.
[00:00:47] Something big band Lovely big band. Sure. Remixed Big band. Yeah. As you learn how to do sampling. I have to do something. Yeah. So what was that? Was it. I saw the little video assigning certain bits of the song to where the keys. Where you keys are.
[00:01:02] Yes. So I used I used Reason originally and then I got a bit of software called Seray Serato sampler. I think it’s OK. Serato I don’t know because I got Serato D.J. Serato sample so I use a sample thing. Yeah. And same thing with reason. Reason I’ve got Dr Octo Rex amazing which is a good name is super old bit of software now. Yeah. But it does the job and same thing with this. But yeah I just took a sample of a jazz tune and then you chop it up into little bits. So on this Serato thing you chop it up into little bits and you just highlight how long you want your sample to be on that bit. You press the key, it goes.
[00:01:38] Okay. Does it play it for as long as you’re holding the key down or does it play? If you tap the key, it will play the sample that you wanted it to play.
[00:01:43] I’ve said it for as long as you hold and the key down. And then if you keep it held down. I’ve also said it to stop at certain points. You don’t go over. Okay. And then you can do some cool stuff with it. So on each bit you can tune each sample that you’ve chopped up. Okay. And then you can duplicate that sample and tune it again. Or you can take one sample and you turn on keyboard mode. And so on that sample you can then play it like a like a tune. So you tune it to. So you’ve got the thing I was looking at was this guy called Andrew Huang and is the YouTube that YouTube.
[00:02:15] I really like him. And they took this door. I just got it.
[00:02:21] Yeah. And they took that as a sample. And what someone did is they took that. He just one of the squeaks. Yeah. Put it into this and then you can tune it to a note and then use keyboard mode and then you can play any note that you want with grammatical errors. Yeah. Yeah. With just one example. Yeah. That was cool. So I had a go at doing that kind of thing.
[00:02:40] Cool. I love those little clip. I’ve seen a few of those clips where it’s just like someone’s taken a single noise and then they, they show you them bit by bit, just not exactly but just like playing it and then showing you they’ve made an entire arrangement like from just this one sound.
[00:02:55] It’s impressive. But I never I guess I knew it existed, but I never delved into that world. Yeah. And now I have all of that. Well, it seems to be it’s all IDM and dancey stuff. Not necessarily. I mean you made a dance song, so you know. I did. But I mean watching. It’s all very like thumping dance. You happy? And then I sort of made it dance thumpy dancing happy song, I suppose.
[00:03:16] I think because it’s my first time of the problem, William. Part of the solution.
[00:03:21] Yeah. I’ve not never done any of it, but I like hip hop, uses it a lot.
[00:03:27] She plays the. That’s where it originated. Yeah.
[00:03:29] I can say that’s where the beginnings of sampling was wasn’t it. Yeah. Because you make a cool drumbeat from. Well I dunno I mean break. Yeah exactly. You take that and then you chop it all up and do what you want with it.
[00:03:40] I found out there’s a there’s a Japanese artist. Unfortunately he’s dead but he’s called Nujabes died in 2008 which was the year I found out about him.
[00:03:49] It was like, oh, we found this amazing Japanese hip hop guy. Let’s have a look. I died in a car crash. No, not a laughing matter. No, it’s not why we’re laughing. Why are you laughing? He’s amazing. And recently, I just kind of like opposition to him as I. Why is this so good? And there was a Reddit thread called Nujabes Modal Soul. Why is it so good? This guy just shows you all the samples from every song. That’s where he used it and how not how he did it necessarily. But like, oh, he chose this piano track from this Japanese artist, sped it up slight light slightly and then put this drum sample underneath it and stuff. And it was just amazing hearing the songs. I know the new Japan songs. Yeah, hearing the elements of it that he kind of stole.
[00:04:31] All music is stealing though, is it, though? I think so. Why? Well you’ve only you’ve only got what, 12 notes in the western scale.
[00:04:38] In the Western scale. Yeah. And then and you know and then what about microphone or music will do more than you can do that if you want to.
[00:04:45] But all music is basically stealing isn’t it. Like you’ve gone. Oh I quite like that. You take it and then you do what you want with it. Samplings, just the more obvious way of doing that. Okay. Whereas like on guitar, you hear a solo, you learn a song like like I was just teaching The Stairway to Heaven, so. Yeah. And then for about 20 minutes we focused on this one little lick. Yeah. It’s only four minutes long. And then we played some chords and we took that lick and then we did what we wanted to do with it and then finished on a different note and changed the rhythm. And then you end up with a whole different thing. Yeah, but it’s just stealing really.
[00:05:15] Well, they say, oh, I think I stole the whole thing. This is certain. This is a creative ness about stealing stuff. No, but sometimes I don’t know whether this is just because I’m like who? It’s mainstream music. I don’t like it. But there’s like one song with like the Santana, if you know that.
[00:05:31] Do do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do do. Yep.
[00:05:35] And then it’s just people over the top of their game and like you said, harder. Mm hmm. Yeah. And it’s like. Yes, you’ve just robbed a riff like it’s just it just annoys me. So you’ve done there’s nothing gone over this other than a drumbeat and then you’ve gone out like that down decades ago. They don’t own doing well. And that’s one very specific. Oh, there’s loads then there’s that. Isn’t there a Kanye West song that has like smells like teen spirit in it. Probably. And it’s just like no you’ve desiccated it already.
[00:06:03] I’m going to play a clip here of bound two by Kanye west. Okay. You know that one. No, I hate Kanye West. I did hate him. But then listen to 808 And Heartbreaks and while I don’t like the songs and didn’t like him. The production is insane.
[00:06:18] Which Kanye is it? Is is the old Kanye or the new Kanye? Because he says that people want the old Kanye. But then, like, you know, there is no old carnation.
[00:06:25] New Kanye. CARNEY Sorry, is it CARNEY? I can’t you know, I just. Yeah. Yeah. Easy. Yeah.
[00:06:33] So that sample. He’s just taking a sample.
[00:06:41] And just pitch shifted it up and go, oh.
[00:06:46] But no, that’s the thing I think that I think it’s it’s literally it’s my oh God, you doing in the club on a Thursday?
[00:06:56] I mean, are you allowed to sing along to that song, will you? Oh, I know all the words. I know. I just saying the racial slurs in it. No, I didn’t sing that go around them.
[00:07:05] It’s just like cause as I said Nujabes uses samples from staff. Yeah. And I mean he’s probably using samples from things that are unknown which in a way makes it worse because then he’s getting the praise for the thing. As I said, only recently researched this whole album and found out about the original tracks. I don’t think that makes it worse, though. Okay. I’m just saying that the people that originally made the music, people wouldn’t know like that. They. Well, they obviously are composed. They obviously don’t know them right now. No. But if they go on a massive read it, this ruling that you know. I know, but I. But. But the rapping over the top of it has credit to it. It’s not just on God. Oh, yeah. I say these words seem twice like it is. It’s people go in like ladders of like Jay’s rap, like it has I dunno, feel like it has substance to it I guess is just taste isn’t it. It is just good taste. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:07:55] Anyway that’s our rants about sampling. Well I was in there sir. I think it’s called Serato Serato sample. Okay. Go check it out. It is good. It is creative and fun. Nice.
[00:08:06] I would like to have a go onit and is a Reaper thing or is just a video. It’s just a plug. Okay, cool. So you can use it in any law.
[00:08:12] Yeah. And I just like that is you can be creative. It’s not like what if I’m with Dr. Octo. Rex was very. Oh I’ve got to split it up and put those bits there and time stretch and do that. This just goes well. Split up. That’s easy. What you want to do with it? Well, I want to do that with it. Okay. It’s done. There you go. I like that. I like that from my software. Okay. Please.
[00:08:30] Other software makers do that. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Oh, absolutely, brotha. Yes. Funny when someone has like street lexicon in their vocabulary, but they have this like RB accent. You know, R.P., when I was like, you know something? No royal pronunciation. Yes. When I was growing up doing voice over stuff. Yeah. They loads of people is just like that’s what people look for. Basically, you either look for regional accents. Which is like, you know, the day five in the big bro or accept less Jamaican. And then and then the other one is is welcome to Samsung.
[00:09:06] Some beautiful, lovely sums. I was listening to the podcast. You introduced me to a bearded man, put his name, Adam Buxton.
[00:09:15] Oh, best. Probably the best part podcast. I really liked that one. I haven’t listened to any of the recent ones, but I save up that podcast for a special occasion that if I go out on a nice bike ride, I’m like, right, it’s time to do the Adam Box album because I listen to things more than once. So you do. I know I’d never do that. No, no. I have I’ve run out of content too easily. And also that good enough to listen to more than once the Adam Buxton ones. Yeah. And what I do is if I listen to something for the second time, my brain takes me back to the first time I was listening to it where I was and when I was doing it. So I don’t want, you know, the first time and the second time would take me. No, but I always wanted the first time to be a nice bike ride. So that sector you listen to. I get taken back to that lovely bike ride. That’s nice. Yeah. The the latest one is Louie through and and Joe Call and I know and I love them too. And I love them with Adam Buxton as well. They grew up together.
[00:10:08] Yeah. And they. So they talk about that. They play a little clip when they’re 18 doing the same thing as what they’re doing now, which is amazing. Yeah. But then the bit that while I’m talking about this is because one of them talks of does radio. Yeah. And he’s talking about the radio voices on BBC Radio 4. Well Joe CORNISH is. Yeah. Really. Well he was on BBC Four. I’m sure it was.
[00:10:27] Adam and Joe used to have a show on BBC 6 music.
[00:10:30] Oh maybe it is that then. Oh, okay. Let’s talk about the training that they had to do that. Yeah. And saying how the distance you have to be away from the mike. Yeah. And the person training him said well imagine that your you’re lying down next to your lover basically. And this is how you talk to them in them. You just staring into the eyes. And this is how you talk to them in the morning you go, oh, hi there, this is BBC Radio 4.
[00:10:52] Jesus. They don’t want to know. I say they should do an item. Sure.
[00:11:07] It’s my favourite item, specially this time that we record it’s been quite awhile. It has been obvious, but since we last recorded in 17th, think was when we last released on it’s precise, I don’t know. I think it was either way. Since now and then, since then and now. Yet there has been sales this summer of the sales on both platforms, steam and the Oculus store. Yeah. Which means I bought lots of games. I didn’t. Did you? Well, you did, did you? You will. I don’t think that. You definitely bought from other sons.
[00:11:37] Yeah, I would think. I mean, what are we talking about? One game. Is that really the only game you bought? Yeah, I got I bought so many. I didn’t have any money. No, neither did I. But it was one of those moments was like 20 items on your wishlist.
[00:11:50] Home sales are God and all of them. Like 50 percent off. It’s like I might as well do this now.
[00:11:56] I’ve got something I wanna talk about which ties in with this art. We’ve talked about from other suns. Okay. Okay. Something on it. All right. It’s not that exciting. Oh, it’s just a little bit of news to do with. It’s just the platforms like the Oculus and all that stuff. Okay. But father sons. Oh, wow. Wasn’t it good? Yeah. Or isn’t it good? It is very, very good.
[00:12:14] So run down to the game quickly. It’s faster than light. So there’s quick. So there is a game on the steam on the pancake platform. What’s good about it is you can get it on OS and it is amazing to play on an iPad faster than light. You talk? Yes, sorry. Yes. It’s a game could faster than light. Some people call it FTL because that’s the acronym of it or the initial ism.
[00:12:37] And what it is is a it’s like a space ship SIM. It’s a what do they call him when you look after a thing when you like.
[00:12:47] They’ve got it’s got a name isn’t it. Sure. When you do like her, when you’re ISO managements, am I right. Yeah. That makes it sound really boring though. Well no it’s cool. So you’ve got space ship top down and you’ve got a crew. I’m explaining in a game that isn’t the game we’re talking about. That’s fine. You guys are same people and you pointed them ago. You go on shields, you go on weapons and then you fly. Or what do they call it? It’s got the same name in from other suns to.
[00:13:16] Yeah. Yeah.
[00:13:17] I don’t know the something drive has been sure. Come on.
[00:13:21] All made up anyway. Doesn’t matter. It does matter. The hyperdrive. I don’t know.
[00:13:25] No it’s not even that. Well anyway. And then you go from star to star and it’s procedurally generated. So each star has a different account, a different thing that happens and sometimes it be pirates or sometimes it’ll be a shop. And then you just go and you have to try and get as far as possible. And this game from other Suns is that except first person and multiplayer, which is the best part about it because. Oh yeah. So we’re on the same ship here. And I go, William. I’m the captain. And then you can go to the console and you press the wrong button.
[00:14:00] Hi there. Made sure that I was really funny.
[00:14:04] William was er William was in charge of weapons and we were just having a friendly comms with with a friendly ship.
[00:14:12] And you just decided to just fire a missile at them. I didn’t decide.
[00:14:17] And then we had to warp drive away from them and then run away. But it’s really cool because you can get on the ships as well. So you’ve got teleportation and then you can teleport into their ships and then there’s like robots or pirates and you can shoot them.
[00:14:29] You can. Friendly fire is on, which is nice. Yeah. That’s funny. And the sound is really cool yet exciting.
[00:14:36] We are. We might to interview the composer in the future. Might we. I dunno. I just thought I’d say that so we might do it.
[00:14:44] So I followed him on Twitter day. So this I did want to talk about the composer. Okay. Really hard to find. I typed in from other Suns OSCE. Yeah, or from other suns like music or from other suns composer net. Nothing. His name’s in the juke box. Exactly. So that’s why I’m sitting there sweating my arse off the. He must study just after finish track trying to look at this guy’s. I can’t find it. So I had to put the headset and go into the game to find out what his name was. So his name is Rob Westwood.
[00:15:14] If you’re listening Rob Westwood, expect a friendly email from composer cast. Yeah, I would like to interview.
[00:15:21] So this is what I would like to him as well. I found his website after looking at that. I found it eventually. Yeah. So he has a website and so he’s done from other sons. He’s dead. Chronos as well. Really?
[00:15:34] Yeah. Oh, that’s another game. Let’s talk about. Yeah. You implied you haven’t. It is one of my foot. My new favourite big title game. Yeah. It’s dark was William. Except on the VR and a little bit more childish I’d say. It’s like Dark Souls mix was older. Okay. It sounds so good. Yeah. Gunfire game starts. You’ve done it. Okay, cool. And they don’t from other senses. Wow. Cool. And he’s a composer both from Nice.
[00:15:58] Do you think he’s the composer for that company?
[00:16:02] Yeah. I don’t really know. I think that might be quite a small company. I don’t really know. Okay. Sure. But yeah. Oh, and unless just like, well, he did really good on cross. Let’s arm for this as well. Yeah, I think that’s. It seems people are just if you’ve done one good thing, why wouldn’t they hire you for another one. Yeah. And what’s the music like on which. From other songs. Yeah. Because it’s the one you played with him. Oh yeah of course. What is the music like.
[00:16:24] It’s I mean you’ve got used the word atmospheric haven’t you.
[00:16:27] It is atmospheric until you get into a fight and then you have to go. Oh no.
[00:16:31] Turn it down and get it down.
[00:16:34] That is how I would describe it as cinematic at that point. Yeah. Very big and brash and just walk and fight god types.
[00:16:43] Dum dum dum dum and that sort of stuff. Yeah. Yeah. The music is really good. Yeah. And I like the way they’ve done it. Which we only found out after playing the game for a bit that you were just saying you have to go to the captain’s quarters and you’ve got a jukebox in there. And so there’s always this weird kind of like jazzy nice light atmospheric music playing in the elevator. Music is. Yeah. Spaceship. Elevator music. Yeah, that I’m sure on earth music is now isn’t it. Yeah.
[00:17:09] Elevator music is not my spaceship. No, no. We’ve just coined that T.M. composer cast. No, but elevator music is a john of music isn’t it.
[00:17:20] I would get a show. If you say elevator music, people know what you talking.
[00:17:23] It’s funny isn’t it. Like why why is that. Like he should be waiting room music surely. But for some reason elevators or we call them lifts. Music. Yeah. They just. They. I mean I’ve never been in a lift that’s lasted longer than 20 seconds.
[00:17:37] I’ve not been up any tall buildings, been up the Empire State Building. Wow. In left foot. You do climb the stairs in a lift. Yeah. I don’t know how long it takes. I don’t think it was very long. I think it goes quite fast. Yeah. Both. I don’t remember it that much. So I think I was 14. Oh, okay. Yeah. I haven’t been as an adult. Right. Not too far away. Oh, don’t like the place. But yeah. What else was gonna say about this guy. Yeah. I’d like come on the podcast and chat about the things that we call coke. That’ll be really good. Well, all I found out about him was a studied darting to College of Arts in Falmouth. Oh, and he does the music for a load of Lego games. Well, okay, cool. So this is this it does sound odd, but we just got a nice TV. He does? Yeah. When I looked up for other I can’t find him. And then I found him on Twitter and says I was and he just followed me back on Twitter, which is cool. Yeah. He has like 300 followers. Yeah. I mean, like, does he need to know. Exactly. That’s the point. He doesn’t need them does he. He’s if if through really folio. Yeah. And he’s got these pretty cool gigs. He doesn’t need to do that. Yeah. So people obviously know about him. People in the know.
[00:18:42] Yes. Well I mean like then how. How do you think he got. Do you think it’s just through networking that he managed to get these gigs? I mean I guess we can ask him.
[00:18:51] But I would guess he knew someone. Yeah. And they were like, you’re good at doing that thing. Do you want to do it for us? And he went, Yeah, all right. Thank you. That’s how I guess. Yeah, maybe. Maybe he sounds like that as well. Thank you.
[00:19:02] I guess I’ll play the piano.
[00:19:04] We should really we should be nice if we want him to come on the play. All right. Yeah. He’s probably sounds like this. I compose music and did a very good job on the spaceship elevator music.
[00:19:16] It has the play. You can change the music, but you changed it. Just go in the game as a physical object in the game. Yeah. Which is cool. What type of thing is that? Diabetic. Yes. Yeah, I guess. I’m glad you remembered. Yes. From films. Yes. From our film studies that I felt was a radical way of doing it. Yeah. Is really cool.
[00:19:34] I mean, like you can’t do that in Minecraft as well. You can get a jukebox in. Might actually knows a bit more convoluted in Minecraft. May you have to find discs and then you have to come croft com craft. You have to craft a jukebox and put the discs in the juke box for it to then play that track that you found.
[00:19:51] Well did you notice on this player in from other suns yours there are spaces to put cartridges in. Oh, wow. So what you get? So there are the tracks. Yeah. There are four other there’s four cartridges hidden throughout the game somewhere apparently. That’s cool. I read up today. Yeah. And you find the many Pokemon that you think each one has got two tracks on. It says now that there’s a hidden track somewhere throughout the game.
[00:20:12] Amazing. Yeah, that’s cool. I like I feel like if I’m gonna be honest I never gonna get em on. But I don’t I don’t see that’s a big enough reward is it. Well just a new song. I don’t know like. I guess it’s fine. It’s fine. Is it. It’s just an Easter egg. It doesn’t have to be anything rewarding.
[00:20:31] No. You’re enjoying the game with. We didn’t know about that until I just said it now and I was excited. Yeah. So you are right. But she talked about the game more because I do.
[00:20:40] I do really enjoy it. Yep. I like. I like that when we got boarded. You were in another room to me. But you’ve still got comms so you can still hear each other chat.
[00:20:48] I would like it if it is actual comms though. I would like to go to. Yeah.
[00:20:52] Like to I can Pavlov. Yeah. I remember when we found out how that was radical. Yeah. I would be cool because also then you’d get that proximity sound thing where I could hear you go like my lord out loud. Where have you been.
[00:21:06] Yeah. Oh, if I could if I could have. Great. Grab a little thing and go. Too much light. Now I think that’s too much. Can you imagine being in that situation where we were getting attacked? Yeah. I want both options. I want to be in on the on the bridge and be able to pick up the thing like Lloyd, like, where the fuck have you gone? Help you like because then it would come out over the speakers and that’ll be really cool. That would be cool. Now, that would be cool if there was a tannoy system. Yeah. That’s what I was looking for.
[00:21:30] Well, Tannoy’s actually a brand name William. What? It’s a P.A. system is the actual thing. Personal personal announcement. Public announcement. I guess. It’s like Hoover is a trademark. This is all Partridge. This is all Alan Partridge. I need to watch more that. I really liked him. It’s it is one of them anyway. That’s not true. Sure. Yes, because I’ll goes forever about it.
[00:21:51] I mean, I am 50 percent partridge, but.
[00:21:54] Oh yeah. When you’re in a panic and you like fix the shields.
[00:21:57] The shields are broken. We’re gonna die. And I was like, there’s five people on board I’m shooting them.
[00:22:03] And yeah. And then going onto another ship and being like, well, the other thing that I really liked is the scale of the ships you go and sometimes you’re on them. You’re like, this is huge. Look at this thing and you walking around and like you, I just it was just a really cool game. Yes.
[00:22:18] And also, the fact that it’s procedurally generated means that it is very replaceable. Like, you know, basically every time we play it, we start on your game.
[00:22:25] Yeah. And we still haven’t unlocked anything. I unlocked that one gun by myself. Yeah. Yeah. Well done. Plus if you get an achievement, then a gun will appear in the captain’s quarters, which is very cool.
[00:22:35] Yeah. Because you start off with basic pistols and then the way you get back guns as you go into alien ships and you rub their guns after you’ve killed them and they all the guns do quite different things.
[00:22:45] Yes. And I like the fact. Friendly fire is one of the locals. Will you kill me? Well, yes, with a grenade launcher here on occasion, I shoot you in the back of the head.
[00:22:54] Yeah, well, that’s the other good thing as well is that you’re just running around panic. There’s another robot over that shoot. Yeah. It’s just a really good game. Yeah.
[00:23:05] Yeah. The joints were what? Any other games? I haven’t played anything else apart from that. And I’m just trying to finish Uncharted 4 still now. Pancake games. Yeah. I thought we only talked about VR. We can only talk about VR. That’s fine. I’m just. You just asked us the only other thing I’m trying to do right now. What are you doing that for? Enjoyment. Oh, is it. Yeah. Oh, I didn’t realize people still got enjoyment from those flat screens because I get to sit on the sofa and relax.
[00:23:32] Oh, this is this is not I’m enjoying the story. I like the characters in the cheesy. It’s over the top. Somehow he seems to be able to jump off of things. Just holding a bit of rope. Yeah. Swing from everything and not die. And it’s noisy dog isn’t it. Yeah, it is. Yes. No the north is the voice for it. I think so. Yep. And that was really cool bit in the beginning. Where. Because it’s not a dog and because it’s a Sony exclusive in the beginning you’re in his house and you get to play Crash Bandicoot as him. Well that’s where you go. But your playing Crash Bandicoot as you see your playing the actual game, he’s playing it on the PlayStation is wife’s trying to talk to him and say something. He’s like no, no, no, let me just finish this bit. And I think it’s the bolder a bit and you’re running away. An actual crash bandicoot with P.S. 1 graphics inside a house on a peaceful game.
[00:24:16] Yeah. I mean, let’s be honest, in VR, that would be even another step less level. Further, wouldn’t it? If you look down your holding the pace one controller. Yeah.
[00:24:26] What? Yeah. Yeah.
[00:24:30] That’s the bit music we talked about. You were disappointed in. Well yeah I was a little bit too much to bear. That’s cool. That is cool. Was I going to say have you ever heard this is a bit of a tangent about Crash Bandicoot. So it’s relevant.
[00:24:43] Okay. Have you ever heard of Fake Crash? You were talking about this the other night. Have never heard of it before? No. Neither do I. And then mentioning something. And then you’re talking about the name that it should have been trash bandicoot. Yes, genius. And then. Yeah. What is fake? Crash.
[00:24:57] So it was after the crash one had come out and it was a thin human.
[00:25:02] Obviously, those dodgy brands, those dodgy people, you know, those sort of dodgy bones, they make fake much toy things. Yeah. And they made a fake crash bandicoot that had massive eyebrows and a really goofy face like the kind you get a funfair. Is it like exactly the kind that’s painted on the side of a funfair ride? Yeah. And if a man standing next to him somewhere. Yeah. And a few like dodgy looking Disney princesses with no branding because they get sued. Well no dog saw this. And when. He’s going in the cage. So what did they put in. I think I honestly don’t know. Mike knows more about this. I think maybe crash to maybe even crash 3 was the first time he’s in it. He’s not a main character. He’s just like a background character. And you can unlock him and crash team racing and stuff. And he’s just he looks exactly the same as Crash Bandicoot, except he’s got massive eyebrows. And like I think you like just wrong.
[00:25:56] Like, those things are where they’ve taken they’re aware of the Zeit Geist. Yes. Of what’s happening. They go, well that’s funny that we’ll use that. Yeah. Not just. Let well bubble by themselves and just walking away on the game.
[00:26:09] Yeah, absolutely. You think of any examples?
[00:26:14] Maybe. Or maybe I can and I can slot it would just be you go to him, right? Yeah.
[00:26:25] Can I talk about another video game then. Yeah. Let’s do Chronos. All right. Cause I keep calling it Chronos. But anyway it’s definitely Chronos. Sure. Because that’s the name of the gods. Okay. Chronos. God of time show. In Greek mythology. And that’s very relevant to the game. It’s actually why they called it. So Ivan spoke to you about one of our fallen Napoleon hot days.
[00:26:49] Can we just mention to everyone listening? That is the hottest day in the entire world ever, ever. And we’re not allowed the foul on because it’s too loud and my house has no ventilation.
[00:26:59] And and think even if there was ventilate, it’s still hot outside. Only recording this 20 past 9:00 at night.
[00:27:05] It’s 20 past 9:00. It’s still light outside and it’s still hotter than the surface of the sun. Oh, God, it’s humid now. Goes on about the humidity.
[00:27:14] Although they do. I don’t really I can’t tell if something. I don’t get humid. Are you sweating? Sure.
[00:27:21] But it’s huge. But I’m hot. No. Yeah. But like, humid. It’s like it’s harder to breathe. It’s like we don’t walk around. I’ve been in a sauna. Yeah. Do you like it? Yeah. Oh, I hate it because of the humidity. I can’t breathe.
[00:27:37] Owners aren’t human. You think of a steamer. Humidity isn’t humidity when there’s water in the air. Yeah. Literally. Yeah. I mean it is. Yeah. It’s vapor. Well it might not be like that. Right. You don’t like soreness. This is what we’ve agreed now. Chronos.
[00:27:53] Right. So it’s. I’ve already I’ve already done a little tidbit about what it is. It’s like Dark Souls and Zelda. Yes. So it’s third person. You’re controlling a little boy. And the set up for it’s really cool.
[00:28:08] So there’s a woman and she goes, oh, back in back in the time they used to be these huge buildings that scrape the sky skyscrapers and they used to use plastic instead of money, credit cards. And then there was a big crash and then it was all fucked.
[00:28:25] And then it went back to olden times. So it’s kind of like in the future. A part of what’s about to happen. It’s really cool. And then you’re this boy and she’s like, you are a saver. And the new goes. Yeah, of course. What what fantasy game would be if you want a boy who’s the savior of the world and you start off in this weird, like complex. That’s kind of all rundown and there’s alarms going off and stuff. But the way the way that the cameras work is very cool. So I’ve played at you still. I’m play dead, you know. So edge of nowhere is like RESIDENT Evil 4 in the way that it’s over the shoulder. So when you walk your you are the camera. So your head is following the character, whereas Chronos is like resident evil 1. Yes. Which is camera. Yes. And I used to always hate that. But it really fucking worked for this game really well. Like cause you’re in that position. You’re you are there and you can look around and you can go, where am I now? And sometimes it’ll put you in really weird places that you would be like in a jail cell, but like you’re in the jail. So your character isn’t right and you can like look around and it’s just really cool. It’s got a nice stop building thing by, said Chronos.
[00:29:34] The reason is called Chronos is this is a cool like thing I’ve lost for words. The heat ruins my head. Every time you die, your character ages by a year. Oh, yes. And every ten years you get an upgrade. But those upgrades weaken the older you get. So when youre younger, you can upgrade strength and vitality. So your vitality is your health. No, sorry. Agility and vitality. Okay. So you can only upgrade those when you’re younger. Then when I think you hit 50 or 60, you can only upgrade your magic and your strength. But what if you don’t die? I promise you, you will die. Like I’ve I started it, got frustrated and died loads, right. Like 40 and I was like, fuck this, I’m just going to start again. And now I know what’s happening. And now, even when I know how to play it, I still I’m still at 29. You start at 18. So I’ve died like eleven times.
[00:30:41] The way you heal yourself is you have these things called dragon stones, of course, and you only get to use them once and then they get a lovely belly noise. That is that distant thunder. Yeah, I will say that you only get to use those once and then once you’ve used them, they only get refilled when you die. Right. So that’s another reason you would die loads. Yeah. I realize it’s very pretty and it’s got some of those. That is what I look for in a game. Yeah. Basically. No I know.
[00:31:09] And in VR makes it even better when something is pretty. Because you can literally sit there and just look around and go, oh, this is lovely here.
[00:31:15] Raz On on a pancake game, you have to turn the control around and stare at a screen. What? Yeah, I see what they were doing.
[00:31:22] I can see what they’re trying to be. And it does some really nice scale things, which I always like in VR. So there’s a bit where you have to get this key, but it’s locked in a cupboard, you know, like, how the fuck do I get that? And then you notice there’s a little doorway in the cupboard and then you later on in the game you find another doorway that’s your size when you go through that. You then come out in the cupboard as a tiny man. And that’s just it’s just cool. Like, I really like those mixing scales and stuff in Ames, especially in VR, because you really feel it because then you go down the cupboard. Yeah, exactly. And then you can look out the cupboard and you see these big enemies. Yeah. And I just I just thought it was one of the best games I’ve played. And and together and it was cheap. Yeah. She usually a thirty pound game. I think I got it for seven ninety nine. So that’s what I was just so many games that were that cheap. I was like I have to like I can’t not buy them which I guess is their tactic isn’t it. Sure. Buy them. Yeah. But then you enjoyed them. No. Yeah. Of course I’m not I’m not resenting buying them I guess. Resenting not having money.
[00:32:28] Right. Yeah. Life is a lot easier with money. No job interview on Monday. Fingers crossed.
[00:32:35] Yeah. So that was the games that I’ve played. Fucking Elder Scrolls just went on sale on steam. Yeah. It’s 14 pounds or something instead of, you know, 99. What you. You still haven’t played it? No, not at all. I want to like when I say not all. I really do mean you don’t say it all. I’ve never played Skyrim, which is why I would probably enjoy it much more.
[00:32:59] Yeah, I think you would. Yeah, it’s you can tell it’s an old game. Yeah. But I think I said before about we can’t forget. What’s the point of the sword. You can’t stop people. They’ve changed now. Yeah. You can’t stop people. I don’t know if I just being an idiot before you said they’ve updated it. Yeah. I could’ve just been saying that to help you update it. Honestly, you know there’s been loads. They did just update the Oculus Guardian thing though is that. No. When I put the headset on today when I’ve reached forwards and hit the Guardian wall. Yeah. You know, it only just appears as blue. Yeah. For now you which forwards. And it’s blue. But it’s not a whole grid. It’s like the little sort of right angle corners of each side of the grid and the closer the further through the garden you get the more that the square fills up and it starts turning red. So if you’re just a little bit close, you have not a full grid all of a sudden in front of you, just little bits.
[00:33:52] So you notice it and you go on close to. Yeah. And then if you go through it, it turns red and fills into a full grid. Very cool. That was nice. I haven’t played the bill for a couple days because it is. Yeah. Which is why I was so upset about trying to find this composer. I knew I could have to put the headset on.
[00:34:08] Go into my spaceship. Yeah. A browse sit in my captain’s quarters. Yep. Listen to some music.
[00:34:14] That’s exactly what I did. Nice basket. I’ve got a thing going then. You said you mentioned it earlier so that you can hear a little thing. It’s not as big a thing. It’s about all the all the platforms like. So you’ve got the Oculus, you’ve got steam and all the other Gog, Gog, Gog and Magog Gog 2.0. Okay. So as in beta and it’s trying to address the problem that we have of having all these different platforms. Yeah. So what you should be able to do is correlate your entire collection of games on your computer. The intercom. Okay. And from there you can launch it from their offices left launch Oculus. Yeah, but they’re working on ways at the moment so that it just sort of launches and minimized straight away so it doesn’t get in the way. Same way how you can launch a game from the end video stuff if you done that. No. Have you got any video in yours. Yeah. So in the end video app as it were. Yeah. There is a bit where it can optimize games. So it looks at the specs for UPC and it goes well if you want it for performance. Or if you want it for. All if you wanted to look the nicest guy in that optimizes your games for you. Okay. And you can launch a game from there. That’ll get out the way and just launch a game and steam, whatever it launches from whatever. Yeah. This aims to do the same thing. It aims to be one place for all your games. But not only that. The idea is that you have all your stats from all those games inside here as well. Okay. So Oculus didn’t give you any stats. It doesn’t know a lot about steam. You have achievements in Oculus? Barely. It goes. You’ve got new inventory for your house.
[00:35:50] Yeah, it does that every time I play it and then I don’t care anymore. Cuz leave me where I’ve done my house. That was I made a new house recently you said. Yeah. Yeah.
[00:36:01] Nice? I like it. It’s uh Chloe went in it. Art deco. Yeah you can actually. Let’s go.
[00:36:08] Yeah. So what. So you’re all you’ve got all these clients right. You got steam gog epic games. That was the one that I can’t remember last time. Don’t even know it. It’s the one that is trying to go up against steam, basically. And they were stealing games that people were thinking were going to come out. Epic games are kind of stealing them as exclusives for themselves. It’s basically made just they paid the developers like, hey, he’s loads of money. Yeah. Just released an album. Yeah. Because they only want to get their game store and then go in the village. Yeah. All right. Money. So as you’ve just mentioned, money we get paid. Does that want epic games. It’s the I O the one with all the more indie stuff being all my things on their origin of the fucking.
[00:36:51] I like Ubisoft games. No that’s Origin is EA. Oh yeah. Sorry. Ubisoft have their own one as well. You play. Yeah. God so EA’s.
[00:36:59] Horrible though everyone in the entire world hates me.
[00:37:02] Yeah, but the idea behind Gog originally was it’s all DRM free. That’s why we liked about it and it still be the same kind of thing. But you can get all your stats from those any stats that are on there. They’ll gather into Gog yet also PlayStation and X Box O get them in there as well.
[00:37:17] Yeah. Can you open gog from your PlayStation?
[00:37:20] No. But what you would do is this. So for PlayStation X Box it would be just about the stats. Okay. So what’s a really clever thing? If you’ve bought a game on two platforms, if you’ve got it on the piers four and you’ve got on the P.C. on some platform, yeah. It will collect that data together together and it will tell you, oh you’ve played this game for 150 hours, you fucking loser.
[00:37:42] I’d hate to know how much time I’ve put into that poker game on VR. Yeah, I reckon it’s at least 150 at least. That’s insane. I know. And I’m still shit it.
[00:37:53] It’s weird looking at stats like that though, because they’re interesting to know. But I always get my first or is what could I have done with that time if I hadn’t been doing that. Yeah, but then I’m like oh no I was having fun. Yeah. It was productive. And if it was my mental health. If I wasn’t doing that I would have been. Well I don’t sleep there. Yeah.
[00:38:14] So yeah, I know what you mean. There’s something disheartening about looking at something that you’ve played for 100 hours and going, oh I really where the other nice thing that I want I mentioned about it is it’s going to be is open source.
[00:38:27] Okay. So the community can make custom plugins for it. Cool. And you can fit, you’ll be able to filter all your games to be able to bookmark them and like put them in whatever order you want and hide games from your list and whatever.
[00:38:39] I like the idea that it’s not infringing on the other platforms. It’s still going use those platforms. Yeah, just use this as the base for those platforms.
[00:38:48] But I think that’s very clever because if you do use it as the base for those platforms, well when they go hey you wanna buy this game, you go. Yeah but I’m gog. Yeah. Yeah. He’ll be sure. Yeah. So then we said well Gog stands for you.
[00:39:01] You better say I know good old games. Did you not know that? Oh, right. Staying hydrated here is important. I’ve run out of energy. Drink. No, I didn’t. Yeah. Good old games. We have the same problem with all streaming platforms. It was like Netflix. This is great. Yeah. Amazon. Yeah. All right. I’ll get Amazon Prime because you don’t. You don’t just get Amazon Prime. You get delivery on Amazon Prime as well. So fuck it. Yeah, I’ll pay it a pound a year. That’s fine. And then it’s like, oh, do you want HBO now? Have a say. Oh now Disney have a streaming service. Oh. Now this has introduced they are taking their Disney stuff off of Netflix. Of course they are. Because they need they need people to fucking have a reason to buy the Disney one. And they’re like, I get the idea. I get it that companies need to do it to make money. But I still think like collectively for humanity. Surely it would be better for them to invest in one good one?
[00:39:55] Well, it will get to a point where it will just supply and demand, isn’t it? There’ll be way too many of them and will go, well, I’m only going to pay for two. Yes, that’s what I’ve lived with while I’ve lived for one for a few years. For a few years. Yeah. Rachel pays for the other one. That’s enough for a household. Yeah. So if you want me to move to another platform, you’ve gotta really give me something and then I’m probably going to get off for that one. Yeah, but am I gonna get off Netflix? No. No. Am I going to get off Amazon Prime? Sure.
[00:40:25] Shit is for video, but I do order enough things off Amazon Prime to justify that I like. As I said, I needed that screwdriver to one thing this year. Really? Yeah. May I buy way too much from Amazon? Because it’s so it’s like can I get it tomorrow? Thank you very much. But see, I want it today and some stuff sometimes. Yes. Did you know we’re the only country in the world that gets Amazon now because we’re.
[00:40:47] It’s small or prime prime now. That’s another good example. Yeah. Wait a second. Home. Ah, it’s too hot. I don’t want to go to the shop. And so you had like 6 o’clock and you go on to prime now when you order your food and groceries and stuff and then it comes at 10:00. Yeah, that is cool. I mean you have to pay you like a fiver delivery stuff. Yeah, but still. But it happens. Yeah. It says things. Yeah.
[00:41:08] If the option is there, if you want to buy I guess you’re right that maybe in the future everything will eventually just get boiled down to one thing. Because if you look at commerce generally like supermarkets and stuff like they used to be loads of independent supermarkets and it just all bought up by the other companies only.
[00:41:24] You know, Tash goes before all of the smaller chains and stuff and they just happen to hate it, which happens in technology as well.
[00:41:30] The bigger company like Microsoft might have all come along and buy the little company. Yeah.
[00:41:33] And they’ll go, oh, all of that. And then I board. But then each is a massive example of why that’s bad. Because they will buy the company’s bad though.
[00:41:41] Yeah. If they’re if they’re a good company and they’re doing a good job then coming up in a. Exactly. They’re all evil. Well, even Google took out that, you know, behavior.
[00:41:56] That was their motto. And most importantly, what what actually was it? Was it most importantly, don’t be evil. Was it just don’t please don’t be evil. Yeah, there might have been a bit before, but they took out that bit.
[00:42:06] Yeah. Why would you do that? Well, actually, we got some funding from Satan and he was a bit annoyed that we had that as our target. Yeah. Realized that is weird that they did.
[00:42:17] I think if a company gets too big, then I guess companies are weird because if a person gets too rich as it were. Yeah, they can become bad. But I feel like that’s not the money. I feel like money just exposes you as a person. You were always like that. You were a dick. It’s just you didn’t have enough money to get away with it.
[00:42:37] Yeah. Yeah. Oh, to do what you wanted. That was a dick move. Yeah. I think Bill Gates is an example of a fellow man promised a philanthropist who can do well. I had a fan therapist. Yes. Who kind of does do good. And I think it’s hard to besmirch that man. Like, you know, besmirch you wrote a biblical term. But I think, Joe, I mean, it donates loads to charity. And he says those clever things like, oh, I’d employ a lazy person because they just think of the quickest way to do something and stuff like that. You never heard him say that. He said there’s hope for me yet. Yeah.
[00:43:12] He said, I think it’s important to hire a lazy person because a lazy person will find the quickest route to do something because they’re lazy and they want to do it in the quickest way. Yeah. And he donates like so much money to charity cured smallpox.
[00:43:28] He he’s not a molester. Most importantly here. Well, Elon Musk is a another one. But he’s on the. He’s weird. He’s on the edge. And you’re never quite sure. Is he evil or is it not? Or is he just that’s just crazy that your you know, like being sucked deceived by.
[00:43:46] Yeah. Because he doesn’t have it. Then you’re like, where’s the charisma? What. Where are you on this spectrum Alan.
[00:43:54] Yeah, I guess I suppose I haven’t heard of any good stuff that is that didn’t like like he hasn’t done philanthropy.
[00:43:59] No he hasn’t a philanthropy but he has done stuff to better science. So I think that’s philanthropy in a way. He’s still making money. It’s still capitalism. But he is doing stuff that it like and like that will expand space exploration and stuff like that. This is a tangent. Yes, I saw a really cool idea of a battery. It was a way to preserve solar power. So once you’ve got the solar power, you have to pay to keep that power because it has to live somewhere. That power once you’ve got it. If you’re not gonna use it and you have to sit in a capacitor or something. Yes. To keep it. So instead of keeping the electricity in something, you use that electricity. Right. To pull a massive boulder up a hill. Right. So you’re using that electricity so it’s not stored anywhere. Right. Effectively stored in a rock. So what you do is you push this rock up a hill without electricity already.
[00:44:53] And it’s like the idea of potential energy. Yes. Yes. Excuse me. Yeah. What, like breaking? What you mean is the potential is that there is not just some imaginary energy in the there. This is exactly potential energy.
[00:45:05] So you use the electricity to push a massive rock uphill. You open up or pull. No, no. Oh, reverse. You get a rock up a hill. Okay. This rock lives up that hill. Right. And then when you go or need the energy now, the rock gets pushed down the hill, creating that energy again by mental momentum. And that is it. That’s go. Just explain the entire theory.
[00:45:31] You get it? Yes. Wonder how much energy are losing by pushing up the hill?
[00:45:35] Probably a lot. You always lose any energy from anything on you is always like through hay or whatever.
[00:45:41] Yeah, I suppose. True. Yeah. I wonder what the calculation is. The differences between store and it and passionate joint rock up the hill and the rolling it back down. I just thought it was really like is a we all eat a box. Yeah. It’s way, way to think the energy is not inside the box. The energy is here. Yet you want it back. Push that down there. That’s really it. There’s one other thing I want to talk about for we do the breakdown. Go on. Go on. I didn’t write much of the breakdown, but that’s just fine.
[00:46:05] There’s one main bet I want to talk to you about. Literally, I have one main thing. Okay, that I was excited about.
[00:46:10] I wanted to do a brief talk about a pet creators. Okay. Because. Right. Yesterday someone on Twitter who bloody Twitter always loved most would love to marry someone on Twitter said they refused to use an op ed. All right. Because they want full control over the creative process. All right. Okay. So they want to go. Do do, do, do, do, do. So do it. Yes. And then they showed a thing with all the midi notes of them. They played it all in with the piano. And my mind goes, you could have just done that was perpetuated. Yeah. And you wouldn’t have to quantized it. Yeah. Well like if you wanted to humanize it hit each on the keyboard when you’re in Reaper and humanize that really. Does it just knock everything ever so slightly out or like you choose a percentage of how far out you want to knock it. And do you want it to go just left, just right or both. And do you want it to affect the end time as well? That’s really cool. You can humanize something.
[00:47:07] Yeah, I remember doing that in logic with drums. Yeah. So it changed the velocity. So instead of having a high hat or the crash just always going the same, it would it would change the velocity of it.
[00:47:19] So it would like be ever so slightly. Yeah. Yeah, yeah of course. Yeah. Yeah. So this person was saying no no only. And I thought that’s a really odd thing. And then so someone retweeted this. Right. And they retweeted it with a poll saying do you use or not perpetuate a regularly would write the answers. Of course. It it’s either yes or no. And I think 61 percent voted no. So more people don’t use or pressure is that you know, I don’t know whether of the be biased for his audience, whatever that may be.
[00:47:49] Yeah, but I guess it depends on the music you’re creating. Yeah, that’s true. I mean if you were doing it that way. Yeah. You’re going to be using all arpeggio. Yeah. So it’s not an accurate. If you’re doing classical music, you’re not exactly going to be using a notepad, you know. And that point you would want, I suppose, full creative control.
[00:48:06] But I just feel as such an odd thing to be this person was very against automation is. Yeah. Really. Yeah. But my well my point was well surely if you’re drawing and you use a ruler, is that taking away from the creative process. What you would just want to draw a line and hope it goes straight. Well it’s more creative that way. Yeah. Watch it. It looks different.
[00:48:26] That’s just an opinion at all, isn’t it? Yeah. Which is the same with music. Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I meant. Olga. The whole the whole song. All all out of the music art vault.
[00:48:35] Sure. I disagree with the person obviously as I guess you do. Yeah. Yeah. Because you. Surely you do still have creative control of your arpeggio. Depending on how sensitive the arpeggio you are the one in charge. Yeah. Maybe they’re only thinking of the ones where you can only do two notes. You just press the two notes. They do do do do do do do.
[00:48:53] Yeah. There’s been some good songs made with that. Well just two notes. Oh and then you switch to another Tunis. Yeah. Why am I thinking of you then sir. Oh that one is just the two notes. Okay. Put up the author. They all sound amazing. I’m sure it will. The songs. It’s not communist west. It’s not gonna. Good.
[00:49:15] I like arpeggios. I like the ones where you just hold down chords and then you change the chords and it just. Oh yeah. I like them. I don’t know why you wouldn’t because you could use them creatively in a way. You couldn’t use your hands, Zack Kelly.
[00:49:26] You couldn’t go back and play 10 notes. And it’s going all the way up there and back down. Yeah, exactly. Change is called straight away because then you can you can choose like six octaves or whatever. Yeah, this was the other thing. So there was that that annoyed me. And then on the same day. So yeah. Yesterday or the other one might be the day before. There’s a guy on on Facebook. This time I should just get off social media. It just annoys me but I think it does with everyone. Yeah. But this guy was complaining about auto tune.
[00:49:54] I hate it, you know. I guess. I guess. Okay. Right. So you can use it creatively. Hmm. But I think people cheat with it. That’s the thing.
[00:50:05] That was his point as well. He didn’t like the dishonesty. Yeah. Because we an RPG tour. No one’s going to upload all those smokes. Yeah, that doo doo doo doo root I did over. No one’s really doing that are they. Whereas with. But that’s not the point. With auto correct. People are going like.
[00:50:20] And then they’re changing it, so they’re singing the actual note. Definitely put in more to tune on what you just done.
[00:50:26] You don’t need to, but that’s the same as correcting your spelling. You correct spelling? Think so? Yeah, but not if you’re trying to write a novel. You need someone to proofread it like you spell that wrong.
[00:50:40] You haven’t read about that. Substance is still that you still wrote the book. You then I guess you still wrote the melody as a song.
[00:50:47] My point in all of this is. You could spend years like learning how to sing properly, fine, or you could single, right? It doesn’t matter as long as the output like the thing at the very end, as long as that is the thing that you want. That’s fine. You think about the Beatles, right? And they have layers upon layers of different vocals all gone over the place. That’s not real.
[00:51:08] You know, I write, but that’s a different point because the Beatles did compose their music.
[00:51:13] The thing that I would have against auto tuning is manufactured pop stars where people are put on stage. They they don’t really have that much talent. This is a massive generalization.
[00:51:23] I might be wrong about here. And it’s just been a whole show about it. Yes. The other the other the other two was that the whole show that’s just been on about this, basically Justin Bieber, a kid who. Yes. Famous and he’s got his brother and sister. They kind of tag along on the ride. Yeah, I’ve seen advertisements for it. And then basically it’s finished up now. But they realized they put it on stage is going to do this cool acoustic set and everything. And it realized he’s never sung life before. Yeah. And all of this and so on. All the songs he’s got the auto tune, he sounds amazing and he’s got all these kids loving him and he has to play at the V Amaze. Yeah. And he sings life and he can’t sing no shit.
[00:51:58] And that’s probably where that is nowadays. You can tune live for sure. But yeah.
[00:52:03] Is that a problem. So if it is a problem, you know if the if the listener.
[00:52:08] What do you think you know. Yeah. Actually I dodged genuine lights. Know that it better not be 61 percent now. I mean I’ll to a Twitter poll. Okay. Call me good. Because I am definitely against it because every time we’re in a song I go like no, you’re a dick. Like it just annoys me, especially on bands. I really like bands that I’m passionate about because I’m like, you should be able to hit that note in the studio.
[00:52:32] You should be able to you know what I want is the effort behind it. I think that’s what I want. I want. I want them to have slogged.
[00:52:38] Maybe they got that one take. But there’s somebody how to do it again. There’s so much other stuff in that one track where the effort hasn’t been there either.
[00:52:46] They might have played they might have like sung something or played one thing and got to know what I’m going to do. Copy that, paste it in the next bit and then change one little bit in it. Yeah, you’re right. It still sounds good. But I think it’s because I can hear auto tune. I think I can I can I. It is an obvious because it’s just a bit previous.
[00:53:04] But I would love for you to test me. Can we do that. The next podcast. I’d love you to test. I want to know whether I am actually a genius and whether I can hear or tune or not. All right. It would be a lot of work for you. Maybe okay, but I genuinely think I can hear it in songs. Yeah, I think you probably can. Like, I just. When someone has that clear, it’s held. No, that’s the ones. When it’s on you can hear is held perfectly held.
[00:53:33] No. If you don’t hold it perfectly. But if you do the auto tuned to kind of the vibrator. Yeah. Well if you just dip in and out a little bit but you make it slightly out of tune, a couple of sends up just so it’s not quite right. Do you think we go. Yeah, definitely. A bit, a bit. That’s Mr. Metal. Well, we deconstruct.
[00:53:54] Okay. Yeah. So I always forget the name of the man.
[00:53:57] See for I once for. Go on.
[00:54:00] Go see for 1 8.
[00:54:03] See for one, eh. Who is the man? I believe he’s a man. Sorry. It’s me throwing my phone down. Minecraft now as 30 year old man William, I feel a bit embarrassed about playing Minecraft, but then I saw a post on imager.
[00:54:19] I’ve been on there a lot recently as 30 year old men.
[00:54:21] Yet I felt old today. Vertigo as attention quickly had to go return some closed. And you look rituals. But mine. Rachel’s okay. Go and pretend some stuff. Yeah. Look, take a Saturday off and the girl behind the thing was chatting to me and she’s nice and everything. And school. Do you go? And as I am going to the music festival tomorrow. Yeah. She goes oh well one I told her. Why not. Yeah. And she has never been to a music festival. Guess who’s playing, man. Oh, Franz Ferdinand, Echo and the Bunnymen and a couple more. Yeah, but you ain’t never heard of any. I don’t know who they are. Yeah. Uh, I said 30 year olds like me. I think are going to be the main people going. So that’s okay.
[00:55:01] I mean, Echo in the Bunnymen before your show in their 80s. Yeah. Yeah. Did you know apparently at one point there were gonna be the biggest band in the world along with you two. It was them or you two. And then you two obviously. Although I don’t know anyone who actually liked you, too. No, no. But but I know loads of people like Echo and the Bunnymen. As I said you earlier, there is only one song that I really know by them now. Barrow, you believe. And I mean, the only reason I know that is because Donnie Darko, I guess it’s only reason why we ever heard of, you know, they took that song out of the. In the director’s cut. It’s not in there. Why? Because the director is a fucking moron. He changed basically the entire soundtrack and it genuinely ruins the film. Genuinely, you know. They did that re music video for I’m head over heels by tears for fears. Right. The. Oh how the fuck does it go now.
[00:55:50] It’s my favourite songs then and then head over heels. I but now I’m changed to change the song.
[00:56:03] So the two iconic songs like did they take out. Mad World as well. Oh, I don’t know. They must have less. And I kind of.
[00:56:10] You have to. But Michael Andrews did loads of amazing. We like that. Doo doo doo doo gage. Remember all this. Do they like oh we need to deconstruct Arsenal game. It’s not game. It’s that easy. It’s my favourite genuinely my favourite soundtrack. If that is the Donnie Darko soundtrack by Michael and reconstructing an entire soundtrack like that would be fun. Fun? Yeah, it would be fun. It would be a lot of effort. Yeah, but they’ve got a theme as well, haven’t they? Why are we talking about this? Right. You’re old. I’m old. We play Minecraft, right. See 4 4, 3, 4, 1 8. See 4 1 8. Do you know what his real name is, James? I don’t know. I mean, you know, I have no idea. Oh, okay. Well, I’m sorry. Sorry. Just calling Clive. He composed music for Minecraft. Now the Minecraft music is bloody brilliant.
[00:57:03] It’s all Gen 2, sort of like.
[00:57:06] Just like, you know, background to. It was like law. Yes. Other than when you go in the nether and then it suddenly turns into like evil scary stuff. It should. Yes. It’s really good. It’s really thematic in that way. A very, very much like it. And yet so I picked a song, Hagstrom Hagstrom.
[00:57:30] We don’t know why it’s called Hagstrom. No, but I do know that sounds lovely. We will also get the composer on here one day.
[00:57:36] Oh, God, that would be amazing. Well, I hope we still need to get Thomas to Iraq. Either way, right? Yeah. Scott Hagstrom. She will listen to her first show. OK, put him.
[00:58:46] Lola? Bill, they like that word.
[00:58:50] It’s like a lullabies. It’s like something you’d put on to sue the baby to sleep. Is that because it also reminds me of Avatar, The Last Airbender. OK, James Cameron apeshit. Sure.
[00:59:03] Sure. He said every time you mentioned Avatar, you have to make it clear to him at Last Airbender, it’s the most piece of shit film.
[00:59:08] It’s the most important animators ever been made. That’s a lie. But it’s my favourite. The ending theme to Avatar has that caliber like noise. So am I right? Do you believe that to be a Colombo? I mean, it’s meant to be a Colombo.
[00:59:22] If it’s just like a. Yeah. Digital. Yeah. I think it has it digitally. Well yeah. This is a real one but. Yeah.
[00:59:28] But it’s a thumb piano. Yeah. It’s got a very iconic noise. That’s very nice. Yeah. Like Nullarbor. Yes. And it’s yeah. It’s like sleepy and sort of like just relaxing and and lovely. One thing that he was the thing I was excited. Yeah. It’s in seven. It is. It’s in seven. Eight. Oh yeah. You know how I like lovely time signatures.
[01:00:23] So that was the one, not the one interesting bit. That was the bit that made it interesting. But when you look at this in the KFC, okay. And it’s a 120 BPM. Okay. So he’s open GarageBand. I like that. Yeah, it’s nice. It’s simple. Yeah. Yeah, I bet it is. In 70. Yeah. Gives it a weird. I think that gives it an exploratory feel.
[01:00:47] Yeah. Like, like you can. There’s something about it that makes it more creative and for Minecraft it’s more perfect.
[01:00:54] I think that extra beat as well. The Beatles. Yeah. Well if you feel it is it makes it feel more open to me. Yeah. Bum bum bum bum bum bum. Huh. And then again.
[01:01:07] Yeah. Well sometimes it does a break and sometimes it has that extra fourth note in there as well. Yeah.
[01:01:12] And then it’s got that kind of like poly rhythmic second bit that comes in that has another melody over the top of that caliber noise and then it brings in those lovely string.
[01:01:21] They come in. Yeah. Yeah. Well the first bit is. It’s very happy to begin with is just vamping on a C major. Yeah, just sits on a C, okay. And it’s just nice and just stays there for 30 seconds. It stays on that. Wow. So that is it. Well how much of the track is that set. One, two, three, four, six. Yes. I’m counting on my fingers. Well you’ve only got five of them will you. I count three. One, two, three, four, five, six. Okay. Well done. Thanks. Yeah. So it’s it’s on that. But then the nice thing we do after that, after sitting on that for so long they go to an A. Yeah. And normally I’d go to a minor but they go to a major. Okay. And that makes it all nice and kind of uplifting and changes again. Yeah. I’ve just got all these little tweaks. They could’ve gone to a minor and they would’ve stayed in the same key and just used all the white notes on a piano. Yeah but they went to Amy. And it kind of goes. It’s another major chord, but it’s still kind of what you were expecting. Yeah, it does kind of sound melancholic, though, do you not find. Yeah, I think. I think that’s more of the instrumentation in the. Just the pace of it.
[01:03:57] Even though you say it’s 120, it feels like it’s at 60 because you’re moving very slowly along that one sick 120. Yeah. Yeah.
[01:04:05] What’s that is that they’ll be like 60 crop. I was thinking. Oh yeah. So it would be 60. I was thinking more because I’m counting in 78. I said eighth note would be 120. Yeah. So a hundred and twenty eighth notes in a minute.
[01:04:17] So could it not be 74 then.
[01:04:21] No, because I’m thinking eight. One, two, three. Oh, you’re right. Yeah, I’m counting the Syrian. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So those bits dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum. That’s 120. Okay. Yeah. But maybe you would call it 60 then. But I would. I wouldn’t wanna call it six. It just doesn’t matter does it.
[01:04:40] No it doesn’t. It doesn’t. I just I. I know I have like surface level knowledge of this stuff but I still love dice. Like it just find it so interesting.
[01:04:50] The math element of music is really interesting that it has this intrinsic relationship with music.
[01:04:57] It does. And I watched as a very great tangent again. I watched. Did you watch this video? The Atom nearly 1. Yeah. Yeah. About what did you say to me? Yeah. Yeah. Very interesting. That was weird where he tries to go down the route of finding these other tunings that people have gone. Well, this is the word cheating because it enhances your sacrifice.
[01:05:17] Yeah. Yeah. Because apparently we have cause obviously vibrations are also music. Music is vibrations. Everything is what ever. Everything. Energy is vibrations. So apparently our body has a certain vibration level and people believe it to be 432 straight away as well.
[01:05:32] What do they mean? It has a vibration like I do know I said that they don’t actually say no, but that is basically what they’re saying. Yeah, well that’s that’s the vibration level of nature. Yeah.
[01:05:42] What does that mean? Well I dunno. It’s like you just trying to attribute like fractals and stuff to nature, you know, like the Fibonacci. Yeah. Spiral and stuff like trying to attribute that to absolutely everything. Even though there’s a better one. Yes. Got a different name, but it actually fits more mathematically into everything, whereas Fibonacci is just the most famous fractal. Right. But there’s actually another one. I can’t remember the name of course. No file, just a YouTube. But it’s good. Yeah. So people believe that there is a certain vibration frequency that humans have and the earth has and music. Oh, we’ve been listening to it wrong because we’ve been listened to a a 440 hertz. But actually you should be listening to a 432 hertz.
[01:06:20] Abn 44 is only been recent like recent ish thing hasn’t it. And I was injured years I think. Okay so what classical if you go pre eighteen hundred of most of us can go through to know how would they get 44th able to get for anything. So they just tune to themselves. They must have done well. They must have happened because they were tuning forks in there. Well yeah but they but still with a tuning fork. You have to make it. There must be the exact shape and size to get that thing. Yeah. You’d have a tuning fork that’s like a is full twenty nine. One’s gonna notice.
[01:06:49] Oh so you’re saying like there might be a few hertz out like singular hertz. No one’s going to be able to hear that unless you got perfect pitch. Do you think he would. Perfect pitch will be able to hear single hearts. Yes. So is that a single cent at all?
[01:07:03] I think so. Yeah. Yeah, I might be wrong. I’m not sure I understand that people could hear the different. I think they could, but only if they’ve grown up with the western scale. Yeah. Because that gets ingrained. Yeah. But the perfect pitch thing is like a left behind. It’s like being able to recognize your mother’s voice. Oh okay. And it’s that. But left behind and just enhance your brain. It doesn’t go away. Yeah. That’s what it’s magic is what it is.
[01:07:23] Yeah. Yeah. So that everybody all listeners go out, watch Adam new video, which is very interesting.
[01:07:31] And he basically proves why it’s a load of bullshit that 432 hertz is nothing unless you. So the point he made was you can grammatically do 432 hertz. But these people were saying that you wouldn’t do it with equal spacing. You do it where A is 432 and then maybe B would be like for forty five and he starts changing everything around in it all.
[01:07:51] Nothing sounds quite one court will say no, no.
[01:07:53] Yeah. And that was the amazing thing is that he’d be like but there is this one chord that sounds really nice and it does. Yeah. And it really resonates.
[01:08:00] Basically every piece of music you listen to is always out of tune. Yeah, everything’s out. Which one note will be in tune that will be 440. Yeah. Everything else is gonna be about you. Yeah.
[01:08:10] It’s interesting like that.
[01:08:13] We’ve just accepted that and no one’s gone actually. You know what? I am sick of all these people. Yeah. Yeah.
[01:08:19] They failed. Yeah. And Adam Neeley shows it. So we’ll put that in the show notes and you can go watch this video. And it’s really interesting. Way more interesting than we are.
[01:08:25] Yeah. Yeah. We’ve talked about it for way too long. We’re going to be talking about C for man.
[01:08:30] Yeah. So yeah. This song lullaby like lullaby. Keeping with that was your stays on a C for a while. Then it goes to a major instead of a minor, brings in those lovely strings. Goes for F sharp minor which is the relative minor of a major. So then you’ve sort of you basically changed keys in a really nice way. Okay. So that was quite clever. Yeah. And then it just goes back and see. Yeah. I mean it goes and stick and you go back and see.
[01:08:54] He does that thing kind of with most because I listen through the mind crush out soundtrack to pick a song. Right. He does that thing with most of his tracks where if it’s a three minute track about the two minute mark he’ll start to kind of just slowly build up distortion, you know.
[01:09:09] I mean he’ll become not distorted as such, but more like powerful, like more compressed, like the sound will comes out.
[01:09:16] He just said loud. One minute fifty is when he starts bringing in. That’s when it changes. Yeah, completely changes, so there’s a break. So although a little breakdown of I’m 30 and he just has a lull. Yeah. That it needs a lull. No, I had already low a bit like a fifth time. And then in like two minutes. That’s when the other stuff starts coming in. Yeah. And you’ve got these weird reversed bell sounds.
[01:09:46] Yeah, like the beginning of it isn’t very effect heavy. And then towards the end is just chucks everything on it. You got reverse and now you’ve got that high pass. Is it a high pass, a low pass fail where it takes out the high IQ? I can never remember which ones which where it takes out the high IQ. Well, yeah, that sound there. It kind of sounds like it’s like.
[01:10:07] I can never remember which one’s which, you know, I mean, like low pass, does that pass the lows or does it add the past that I can never remember which ones which. I just remember when it’s cutting off the lows it’s called a high pass there you go.
[01:10:21] Okay, cool. I’m gonna have to think of it visually every time, like. Right, son? Well for you it be around this way. My right hand. Yeah. Not one that’s cut off the lows yet. So it’s a high pass filter. Okay, cool. So he’s put a low passport in it because it’s taken out the highs. Am I right. I think so, yeah. Oh God. Yeah. Because you’re part you’re allowing the low stuff to pass. Yeah. And it sounds like it’s kind of like outside the room. Just change your bloody name. Change your round. Stop confusing everyone. For now if you noticed that. Yeah. Yeah. We just don’t know. I try and learn. I do. Honest.
[01:10:52] I’d highly recommend to everyone listening to just one day just stick on that Minecraft soundtrack because it’s bloody lovely. It’s so relaxing. Gorgeous. Creative.
[01:11:03] Well, I like about it. Is everything in that is super clear? Yes. There’s no madness. So every instrument has its right place.
[01:11:11] Yeah. And I think he doesn’t busy it with too many instruments as well. There’s like a maximum of four or five things going on at once.
[01:11:17] Yeah. I think he’s got the bell kind of sound thing. There’s about four different harmonies going on, just that one, but that’s still the same instrument. Yeah. And then everything else just sits where it should like. That he’s cut out the right of all my friends. Everything has its got its proper frequency, so that thing isn’t clashing with that thing. Yeah. Yeah.
[01:11:34] That thing sitting over here so that’s alright. It spread. Yeah. It’s spread out very nicely. Yeah. Yeah. Well it’s it’s lovely. And I like it and it’s in seven. So what’s there not to like. [/expand]

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