Online Guitar Lessons

Learn from the comfort of your own home

I’ve been teaching electric and acousitc guitar since 2007. I’ve had experience teaching private lessons and also teaching music to large classes of children at schools. Technology has advanced enough now that online guitar lessons are just as good as in-person lessons with the added advantage of being able to learn from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

Your lesson material, music, and practice notes will all be uploaded to your own private area on a searchable student portal after every lesson. No need to print anything out or worry about forgetting what we learned 10 weeks ago. Your lessons also have the highest quality audio possible. You’ll be able to hear my microphone, guitar, and Spotify all at once. Everything is professionally mixed before it reaches your ears.

Example view of the lesson

Click for a demo of the student portal

Easy to use video software for 1-to-1 guitar lessons

Guitar lessons from anywhere

  • Gain access to the student portal
  • Learn the skills to play your favourite songs
  • Have a creative outlet
  • Learn everything you need to be able to play in a band
  • Understand the theory behind your favourite pieces of music.
  • Know you’re learning from a trusted source
  • Save time and money on travel.


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Online Guitar Lessons