ComposerCast is a show that explores the world of video games and the music that brings them to life.

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031 | Making Music With Code

On this episode we talk about how fun it is to drive a truck in VR, discuss the co-op madness of fighting goblins in Karnage Chronicles, correct past mistakes and…
ComposerCast 030 _ Tree Stream

030 | Tree Stream

Show Notes On this episode we try and make sense of all the game launchers that are out there competing with each other, we talk about the game From Other…
ComposerCast 029 _ E1M1

029 | E1M1

Show Notes On this episode, Lloyd and I discuss the amazing tech that is photogrammetry, chat about E3 and deconstruct a classic video game track.
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028 | Interview: Composer Denovaire

Show Notes Our guest on this episode is Deno. He is a classical composer, producer, and artist whose compositions are performed by chamber ensembles and whose focus lies in dramatic…

026 | Constructive Deconstruction

[expand title=”Show Transcript”] 00:00 [Music] 00:01 hello welcome to composure cast episode 00:04 26 this week month this time you talk 00:09 about we talk about the Apple arcade we…