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Will Helliwell

My name is Will and I am a video game and media composer. I use music to express myself, to help bring peoples projects to life and to create things that never existed before. I grew up in the 90s enjoying classic consoles like the SNES, Gameboy and PlayStation. I played a lot of different instruments throughout my childhood; the euphonium being the strangest and least cool one. I picked up an electric guitar in my teens and that’s all I could think about for the next 10 years. My passion for music and video games grew side by side until, in my 20s, I decided I wanted to make music for games.

Life is all about creativity and music is that creative outlet for me. I use my tech background to help me write and experiment with new music. I also host and produce a game music podcast and share my knowledge through teaching classes. And on top of that, I’ve always got a number of personal projects on the go. The world of video games and media is always exciting and evolving which inspires me to find new ways of producing music. I hope to create something that hasn’t been done before that people will enjoy and remember.

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Play Jumbo Big Band Now.

An upbeat piano track with a vinyl warp.

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